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Available Horses for adoption



Hunny  ~ Available for Riding or Pasture Mate

Hunny was one of two horses rescued from the Granville area.  Hunny's back ground is unclear. Her owner pasted away.  However, i was told by family, that Hunny spent time as a riding horse at a lesson stable  (I can NOT testify to this information).

Hunny is an 18 year old Haflinger and is UTD on all vaccines, dentistry and farrier work.





Kosmo~ Light Riding Partner OR Pasture Mate   (No jumping)

Kosmo is a 13 year old Oldenburg warmblood gelding . Kosmo stands at 17.2hh. 

Kosmo arrived at IHERC on December 21 2014 

Kosmo is only sound for light pleasure riding. Kosmo has no bad habits, and loves to groom other horses, in turn for his own grooming pleasure. Kosmo is a horse, but thinks he is a dog. Very kind and very handsome.

Kosmo loves attention and getting out for a quick ride.  Not Kosmo hasn't been ridden in almost two years, he will, like all these horses, be started slowly and worked back up.

Kosmo is up-to-date on all farrier, vaccines and dental work.






Percy is a retired standard-bred gelding that is 22 years old. Percy stands at 15.2 hh and was  previously raced in his younger years and also used as a pleasure riding horse. But has been off for some time.

Percy arrived at IHERC in May 16 2015 as a surrender.. 

Percy is healthy and happy and joined at the hip with Kosmo. Percy may be available for adoption to the right home as a pasture mate or light riding only.  





Kira is neither a rescue or surrender. I purchased Kira after losing my Arabian gelding.  I thought getting another Arabian would assist in the healing process.  But I learned no horse will ever replace my Whisper. I love Kira, she is a wonderful mare. 

Kira was once ridden and shown by a teenager in New Brunswick. 

However, Kira hasn't been worked in the past 6 years outside of lunging and the odd pleasure saddle ride.  

I am however too large to ride Kira.  I have a waiting list for sick and senior horses, and I feel it's best in everyone's interest to put Kira up for sale to an approved home with a no breeding contract. Kira is up to date on dentistry, vaccines and farrier work. 

Kira is a 18 year old, 14.3-15 hh Arabian Mare.






 Benson is a sweetheart, smart, friendly and adorable.  He is a 10 year old 42"  mini pony. His previous owner had him in cart a few times but is not trained. However he does love to work. Put him on a lunge line and he's a happy boy very good listener although he doesn't have much experience he is VERY willing. He is  100%  child friendly, he loves attention and grooming

Benson is up-do-date on all vaccines, dentistry and farrier work.