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Bandit was approximately 9-10years when she arrived at IHERC October 2013. 

Bandit taught me so much about cats in the one year I had the pleasure of having before she died to cancer.


Rest in Peace my darling angel





Big Bill


Big BillBig BillBill arrived at IHERC as a 29 year old rescue in October 2011.

Bill was found sick, starved, and not enough strength to get up on his own.  It took several men to get this horse up and off they property he was residing on. 

Once Bill was removed he was brought to IHERC.  Where is lived his final year spoiled, loved and treated like a king and gentle angel that we was. 


Other details will not be discussed here, but know that myself and several doctors worked hard long hours with Bill. The major issue with Bill was sand content found in his belly (80%). 





It's taken me over a year just to post he passed away. Kody arrived at IHERC as a rescue and in need of vet care. Kody was quickly admired by everyone. 


Definitely the coolest little Dude (aka Scrappy) in the world.


Going to the bathroom isn't the same without Kody, he always followed and got belly rubs. 





My first little Chi Chi.. Little Chekka passed away in her sleep at the age of 20. My kind and gentle little muffin will NEVER be forgotten.  RIP



Chester Basin's King KOALChester Basin's King KOAL

With a heavily broken heart, tears in my eyes, and immense sorrow, we have to share with all those who loved Koal, visited with him and have been following him that Koal went over the Rainbow Bridge……. We were with him lying on the floor on his blanket and told him he was loved and was a good boy, but because of his old life (the one before us) he was damaged. Koal was struggling to maintain being a good healthy canine citizen, he lost his battle through no fault of his own.


He enjoyed his last seven weeks being showered with love, treats and being spoiled like a king as he should have lived since puppy hood. For those that know our rescue this is not a decision we entered into lightly nor happily, but we have a responsibility to the animals in our care (and the general public) for putting their comfort and best interests ahead of our own.

 Thank you to everyone for following and loving our Koal.




Kayo arrived at IHERC emaciated, depressed and very sick. With lots of love, care, vitamins, prescriptions,feeding and doctor visits, Kayo appeared to be on the mend in fact he gained weight and played. But the damage done to his kidneys/liver prior to his arrival won the battle.

Four months later, he was laid to rest. My heart will never heal from this one! 

He was such a grateful, loving and kind boy.





Freedom   ... words can not stress the loss of this fine boy

Freedom Arrived at IHERC September 2001 and

quickly became my niece's heart horse.

At the age of 29, Champ pasted away

June 20th 2018

Freedom (The Champ)Freedom (The Champ)