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IHERC Society

IHERC is a registered non profit farm for rescued  & surrendered animals.

(I am in application of Charitable Status)


I am no expert in any field, if you have questions about my farm or can offer me assistance and advice, please contact me, I am not into FB bashing.

IHERC is open to accepting donations, either it be your time, dry cat & dog food, cat litter, shavings, horse grain (13% MT) apples, carrots or donating your used clothing/footwear/linen, to Integrity's Recycling, it's all appreciated.


Dollar values are accepted by email transfer or paypal



If you are able to sponsor one the horses on my site, kindly email or call me, trust me my expenses are more than my donations so every little bit helps. All assistance is accepted.


Visitors welcome.

Please note: I can not offer receipts (yet). 

Thank you.