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White Point Beach Resort

Marilyn & Joe Winters

Barb & George West

Mr & Mrs Jame Eisnor

Shane Goulden

Danielle Booth

Wendy Whalen

Tommy Schnare

Ricky Schnare

John DeWolfe

Daryl DeMont

Travis Countaway

Chris Gwen-Timothy

Sez Seraphin

Mike Leary

 Larry Bergeron

Alicia & Robert Risley

Judy James

Lisa Kaulback

Loretta Cook

Donna Peel

Donna Chambers

Joanne Chambers-Laffin

Ashleigh Benton

Robert & Grace Stevens

Maizy Stevens

George Johnson

Deanna Collicutt

Welda Dorey

Tammy Fralic

Amy Jo & Dallas

Verity Turpin

Justine Turpin

Andrea Wadden

Sandra Collins

Dwayne Collicutt

Lynn Tilley

Carol Dee

Derek Bremner

Joey Jollimore

Vivien Gorham

 Janet Hodder

Judy Buckley

 Roy Aubie

 Kelly Tanner

 Eleanor Denny

 Paula Booher

Katie Backman

Judy Rogers 

Greg & Sally Millman

Therese O'Neill

Marjorie Mailman

Faye & Norman Levy

Joe Colburn

Tania & Marilyn Young

Marina Welburn

Phyllis Johnson

Lyne Guay

Lorna Curnew

Linda Backman

Amber Goldring

Leslie Hobson

Allyce Holden

Sobey's #725 Suzanne Marineau

Barb Stewart

Nicole Pettipas

Reynald Raill